Visibility Resolutions for 2020

January sure did speed by. We’re now almost one month into the New Year. Know what that means? It’s a great time to do a status check on your resolutions.

Most people resolve to get fit, read more books, quit a bad habit, or save more money.

This year you’ve resolved to gain more attention as an influencer, improve your business and increase your revenue. You can do all three of those things with media placements. You may find that pitching can be intimidating, but there are a few ways you can streamline your efforts to ramp up visibility. Here are some key areas to focus on. So let’s get to it!

Become a Template Master

Create pitch templates that you can tweak depending on the outlet you’re contacting. I would suggest having pitches for 1) broadcast, 2) print and online, and 3) radio and podcast.

Each pitch should have your credentials and a brief rundown of your knowledge and skill set, and if applicable, a list of press you’ve previously secured along with a sizzle reel video or link to video clips, so that the contact can quickly access if you can be featured as an expert.

I would suggest including three bullet points on what you’d contribute in terms of advice or input, or if you’re pitching the story and segment topic, those bullets can also be different angles for consideration – you never know what will click with a reporter or producer!

Batch Your Pitch Days

Do you feel like you can never find the time to prioritize your media pitching? Every day the to-do list piles up, and then another week goes by and you’re no closer to increasing your visibility than the week before.

You can actually get around this by selecting 2 – 3 days a week to focus on your pitching. By knowing which days you want to dedicate to increasing your visibility, you can plan ahead to batch your pitches.

For example, Monday you can pitch broadcast segments, Wednesday you can pitch print and online, and Friday can be for radio and podcasts.

Create a One Sheet

Your pitches will vary depending on the media contacts and outlets you’re reaching out to. But one constant and helpful asset you can include is a one-sheet, which you can think of as a resume.

There are tons of templates you can use on Canva for free. Your one-sheet should include your contact information, website, social media handles, an overview of your services and skill set, and if applicable, a list of secured media, speaking engagements and brand partnerships.

And then every 3 months, you can update your one-sheet to reflect recent accomplishments.

With a set of ready-to-go pitch templates, a one-sheet, and a pitching schedule to help you batch your outreach, you’ll be in a better position to prioritize your visibility. Which means more press and opportunities, more clients and more revenue.

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