KEEN TO BE: The Yuengling Sisters On Running America’s Oldest Brewery


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How An Author Paid the Bills While She Wrote the Books: She worked as a librarian, a ghostwriter of young adult fiction, and magazine books editor. Here’s how she made ends meet. (Medium)

Throwback Instagram “Thank You, Atoosa” Shows How Vastly Teen Media has Changed in Two Decades: “The teenage years are always just so awkward and awful … having a surplus of information now is no better than not having enough back then.”(Fashionista)

Yuengling Sisters Dish on Running America’s Oldest Brewery: Yuengling has celebrated 190 years of making beer at its Pennsylvania brewery, the oldest in America. These four sisters, sixth-generation Yuenglings, talk about keeping the operation all in the family. (Today Show Video)

Women Helping Women Isn’t Just A Rallying Cry. It’s Good Business (Refinery29)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants the Country to Think Big: The Democratic socialist star came to D.C. to ‘swing for the fences’ and fix America (Rolling Stone)

Dollars on the Margin: A living wage is an antidepressant. It is a sleep aid. A diet. A stress reliever. It is a contraceptive, preventing teenage pregnancy. It prevents premature death. It shields children from neglect. (New York Times)