Free PR Tools to Start Getting Media

This is your year to become a media rock star!

You don’t have to hire a publicist to start booking interviews and segments. Most coaches and entrepreneurs need to start building their biz and profile through DIY methods.

You know the drill! You’re basically the CEO, accountant, social media director, marketer and publicist for your company and brand.

A lot of coaches and entrepreneurs know they need to increase their profile through press, but unfortunately it tends to take a back seat. Media is a KEY factor to positioning yourself as an expert. And the more places where your name is featured and visible – through TV segments, print and online interviews, podcasts Q&As and blog posts – will lead to securing more clients. And that equals MORE MONEY!

Even if you’re not media savvy, and if you don’t have a publicist actively pitching on your behalf, there are still some easy ways to start booking media. Here are 3 ways to get started:

  1. HARO (Help a Reporter Out): A tool that even professional publicists use on a regular basis, this newsletter goes out three times a day and is grouped into categories, like lifestyle, wellness, relationship tech, business and more. Each request has a short blurb on what that producer/reporter is looking for. If it seems like a good fit for your expertise, you can submit your response to them directly. You’ll then hear back if they’d like to request additional information or will feature your submitted quote in their piece!
  2. This newsletter goes out about once a week and you can submit your info through online forms for a variety of podcasts. So whether your expertise falls under wellness, entertainment, gaming or finances, you’ll find a handful of podcasts that could be a good fit to join a lively conversation and further promote your platform.
  3. Blog Posts: There are a ton of blogs where you can submit a post to share your story, advice and tips. A great one to start with is The site lets you automatically upload articles that people can comment on and share. Another site is Thrive Global, Arianna Huffington’s wellness platform. Their team will review your post and it can be online in hours!

These are some great initial ways to start getting your name out to the public. And to really help you think like a publicist, you can download my FREE Publicity Guide here.

Let me know how these work for you!