Find a Literary Agent at Your Local Bookstore

I’ve worked in book publishing for more than six years as a marketer and publicist. And during that time, I’ve created multiple campaigns for New York Times bestselling books. So you can imagine how often I hear from of writers looking to submit a manuscript. Authors can hit a wall in the early process as many publishers and imprints won’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. But just because submitting a manuscript isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you’re looking to publish a book through a publisher, then you’ll need representation from a literary book agent.

So now you’re asking, well, how do I find an agent? Are they just roaming the streets looking for new authors to publish? Maybe some are! But if you want to find the right one, all you need to do is pop into your local bookstore. There are dozens of book categories, so you have to take into consideration that agents are not one size fit all. They can specialize in working with fiction, wellness, business, romance and young adult authors.

Before you go to the store, do your homework. Know your competition. Which books do you see your book being compared to? Which section of the store would your book be grouped with, whether on a new release table or the shelves?

This is basically book agent matchmaking at your fingertips. To find an agent that’s right for your book, you can just flip to the acknowledgements section. This may be a part of the book that you typically skip, but it has a wealth of information. The author names key players involved in the publishing project, including their agent.

Once you’ve pulled together a list of agent names, you can check out the literary agency sites for contact info and submission details!

Comment below if you’ve published a book or looking for an agent. Look forward to hearing about your process and experience.

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