The Secret to Getting More Subscribers, Clients and Customers

I’m so excited to announce a new service to help you create irresistible opt-in rewards that will increase buzz, engagement and sales!

You’ve heard it all before. If you want to have a successful business, you need to master both the social media AND the email list game. But more often than not, you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels with both. 

You know the online struggle. It’s tough connecting with your customers and followers, especially on social media. 

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. 

You’re only one person and don’t have time to keep up with it all, aaahhhh!!! 

On the one hand, with social media, it’s great to interact with your followers in real time. You can respond to their comments and questions, share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your business, and even work with brands and cross-promote with other leaders/influencers in your field. 

But with your email list, you can really show up as your authentic self, connect with real people (not bots) who want to hear from you, and earn an income from your subscribers-turned-clients without having to pay for ads or boosted posts.

That’s right, with your very own list, you can beat the ever-changing headache of algorithms! 

Because seriously. When was the last time you got an actual client from an organic social media post? 

If you’ve been relying on social media platforms for promotions and sales, what would happen to your business if one of them lost its popularity status – Myspace, anyone? – or ever shut down for good?? 

You’d have absolutely NO WAY of getting in touch with your followers, clients and customers. Your revenue and tribe could essentially disappear OVERNIGHT! 

Which means: Your promotions + no social media platforms = No buzz, no engagement and no sales! 

So how are some influencers managing to keep their businesses up and running when they only post once or twice a month? Do they have a secret weapon to get people to eagerly relinquish their email addresses in order to buy their products and spread the word about their services?

In fact, they do! And the good news is that it’s a tool you can easily start using as part of your marketing strategy. Just imagine having a no-fail way to stay in touch with your community, so you can encourage them to buy and spread the word about your products and programs. 


When it comes to getting subscribers, the key is creating an exclusive free offer, or Freebie, that makes it a no-brainer for clients, customers and followers to move quickly on your call-to-action. That can range from “Join Today!” to “Pre-Order a Copy Now!” to “Submit Your Proof of Purchase Here!”

It’s true that Freebies are commonly used to encourage newsletter opt-ins. But as you can see, they’re actually used in a variety of ways to get you more email addresses. 

They are a fantastic marketing tool to ignite swift action from your clients. Get ready for increased sales, engagement and buzz when they pre-order your book, register for your online course, or sign up for your product launch waitlist. The best part is that all of these require an email address for fulfillment, so ka-ching! 

Ultimately a Freebie is both a reward and an easy way to say “Thank You For Your Support.” And when used strategically, you can get email subscribers more quickly, secure enough pre-orders to hit the bestseller list, and even get a customer to buy multiple products at once. Ready to use a Freebie so you can reach your goals faster?  

I’ve spent years working with authors and personalities – from country radio DJ Bobby Bones to actress Gabriel Union and wellness influencer Sarah Wilson – creating free offers for their marketing campaign that increased sales and captured emails.

After more than 5 years of brainstorming, creating and executing free offers for dozens of personalities, experts and influencers, I’ve seen how a Freebie is a must-have component of a successful marketing strategy. 

And that’s why I’m excited to bring to you …


We’ll strategize and create your perfect free offer and mobilize your tribe to subscribe and buy. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have an irresistible Freebie that you can immediately start offering to your clients, customers and followers. 


  • 1 x 30-minute no-obligation phone consultation
  • 1 x Questionnaire to be filled out prior to our session:
  • 1 x 90-minute strategy session with me via phone or video call
  • 1 x 45-minute follow-up session via phone or video call 

Just imagine how the perfect Freebie can change your business, platform and brand. Sold out courses! Bestselling author status! People eagerly joining your waiting lists for launches and announcements! And ultimately an ever-growing email list with subscribers who are ready to pay for access to your expertise, products and services! 

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