Steps to Improve Workplace Diversity

Next week I’m speaking at the Content Marketing Summit in New York City. During the event, I’ll discuss diversity in the workplace and share tips about marketing partnerships. I’ve spoken at some events before, but this will be one of the first times I’m on a main stage as part of a panel. Both nerve-wracking and exciting!

Ahead of my appearances, I did a Q&A with Innovation Enterprises about diversity practices, which you can read here.

And here’s a snippet!

Q: What are the benefits of having a diverse team for your brand?

A: “Having a team that consists of people who vary in ages, races, ethnicities and levels of education will bring a range of different, much-needed perspectives. In order to promote your brand to a diverse and constantly changing world, a diverse team will hold the brand and each member accountable when it comes to its efforts to be inclusive. A team that consistently looks the same can’t effectively speak to a broader audience when they’re not even aware that they are possibly excluding voices externally that are not present internally.

A diverse group also means that employees will bring a variety of skills and a wealth of knowledge to the table. You’ll also have a group that will likely be a mix of analytical and creative thinkers who will provide a balance to team dynamics. And each member will also have their own set of interests, which can prove invaluable to the team when it comes to brainstorms, presentations and problem-solving.”

Let me know how you and your team handle diversity in the workplace. What have you seen work? What do you think could be improved?

If you’d like to attend the summit next week, you can get 50% off you ticket with the code SP50. Check out the full agenda here.

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