Keen To Be: The stupidest thing the Barefoot Contessa has ever done

Credit: Clarkson Potter

Some recent headlines and other fascinating news you may have missed!

What We Really Think About Millennials at Work: We like you. You’re wonderful. Just please stop calling your parents every day. They already wrote your college essay! They can’t help you now! (The New York Times)

Yes, You’re Hired. No, We Don’t Need to Meet You First.: Employers trying to recruit in the tightest job market in decades are hiring some candidates sight unseen—after just one phone interview (Wall Street Journal)

Beyoncé cuts ties with Sir Philip Green and buys out Ivy Park share: British tycoon is subject of harassment and bullying claims, which he denies (The Guardian)

These Time Management Apps Will Help You Do The Most (Refinery29)

The ‘stupidest thing I’ve ever done’: Ina Garten reveals surprising career story to Katie Couric: The Barefoot Contessa’s Food Network fairy tale certainly didn’t happen overnight.

People Are Applauding Ellen Pompeo’s Take On How White People Can Be Better Allies: “I don’t see enough color. And I didn’t see enough color when I walked in the room today.” Pompeo continued by saying that as a white person, “it’s our job, it’s our task, it’s our responsibility to make sure we speak up in every single room we walk into. It’s our job, because we created the problem,” she said. (Buzzfeed)

There’s Only One Good Way to Email Your Boss: I try not to email her but sometimes I have to, and the one way to get her to reply quickly is simple: I start every email to her with a question. And then if needed, I explain the context to my question in one or two more sentences in the fewest possible words. (NY Mag / The Cut)

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