Being Grateful and Expressing Gratitude

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and many will spend the holiday with their families, giving thanks and expressing gratitude – right before diving into their bountiful turkey dinners and then peeling out of the driveway to shop early Black Friday deals. Haha, just kidding – just a little bit 🙂

A lot of people joke about this holiday, saying it’s hypocritical, that people give thanks for what they have in one breath,and then rush out to buy things they don’t have with their next.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to write a gratitude list. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about this practice, where every day you write down big and small items that you’r grateful for to have a better appreciation for who and what you currently have in your life. I decided to finally implement this practice into my routine recently, and I think it’s still too early to tell, but hoping with more time, it’ll help me change my mindset to be more grateful – especially with a lot of the struggles that people have had to endure so far this year.

Divorces. Deaths. Layoffs. Forest Fires. Political Marches to Protect Human Rights. Migrations for a Better Opportunities. No one has the perfect life, and I’ll admit that 2018 has been a very unkind year. So in moments like these, I make even more of an effort to be as grateful as I can.

If you and your family tend to give thanks over Thanksgiving dinner, I hope it’ll be the first day of many as we wrap up this year where everyday you find moments to be grateful for, because those moments make it all worth it.

Things I’m grateful for this week:

What are you grateful for this week? This year? Do you practice the daily practice of writing a gratitude list? Would love to hear more, comment and share with me below.

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