First, We Got to Create … Da Mood

Oh Sebastian, always so many wise words to share. And when it comes to work space, there’s nothing more important than the right ambiance. For some, they need complete silence. Many find themselves at their most productive when at home versus the office.

For myself, I like a space that has some bustle, some background noise, a really awesome playlist, and if there’s some wine and cocktails on site for happy hour, that’s just a bonus to a work day.

When I freelanced a few years ago, I really enjoyed working from home (especially on really bad weather days), but my alternate work spaces that I kept on repeat where either coffee shops or co-working spaces. At the time, I was able to co-work for free using a service called LooseCubes (it shut down in 2012, but it was wonderful!). This online service allowed me to book office spaces and register as a guest at co-working places like Alley (still one of my favorites). Being in a busy space with entrepreneurs and freelancers can really be invigorating and motivating. Plus they tend to host amazing events and mixers.

Over the years, I’ve attended a lot of events at co-working spaces and consistently thought about becoming an official member, but it wasn’t until January 2018 that I felt that I really found my “home away from home.”

I was the marketing director on a recent activism title, and the organizers mentioned they were coordinating an event at the Soho location of The Wing. For those not familiar with The Wing, it’s a women’s-only members club and co-working space. They currently have three locations in New York City, one opening in April in D.C., and today just announced that they’re opening six more locations nationally.

Most co-working spaces I’ve visited tend to have a very sterile aesthetic, and when I work at The Wing, it just really feels like my dream apartment (the decor is gorgeous, just check out their Instagram feed). Not to mention, each location has a cafe serving food, caffeinated beverages, cocktails and wine.

So when I went to the Soho event, I really loved the energy, and it truly felt like a safe space. I know some people who were members and based on their feedback, decided to apply. When I received my acceptance a few weeks later, I couldn’t wait to become an official member. My all-access membership kicked in mid-March, and since then, I’ve visited all three NYC locations, have attended multiple events, and work in one of their locations a minimum of three times a week.

Understandably some people may view the monthly membership fee to be a bit pricey, but for me, the pros definitely out-weigh the cons. I knew that becoming a member would truly be an investment, and if you read my most recent post, I also consider it a form of emotional compensation. During my typical work week at the office where I have my day job, I’m usually counting down the hours until I can head to The Wing afterward. And it’s become my go-to on Sundays where I can really spend some time re-investing in myself.

So yeah? When it comes to creating and setting the mood, The Wing knows what they’re doing. And based on their recent expansion announcement, I’m not the only one recognizing and appreciating this much needed environment.

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