Keen to Be Newsletter: Striking Out on Your Own

Illustration by Guy Shield via Hollywood Reporter

“The older generation discovered the benefits of entrepreneurship the hard way, but this new generation has learned from its predecessors’ history that it’s OK to break away, that the move can be stimulating and even lucrative.” Such an interesting article about employees who became entrepreneurs due to a variety of circumstances – whether they were fired, approached by someone to jointly launch their own venture, or took the leap themselves and become their own boss. So many companies today choose not to wisely invest in their employees, and then are shocked when they decide to leave. People are regularly “reminded” that they should feel lucky to have a job, and as a result of his messaging, many are flocking to take control of their careers for emotional, mental and financial fulfillment. KEEN TAKEAWAY: Many companies and supervisors are unaware that they can keep their staff turnover to a minimum with a few incentives. Cater lunch and/or breakfast once a month. Treat your team to an outing every few weeks. Give them a week off during the holiday season without docking it from their vacation days (especially when your industry doesn’t operate on a 24/7 news cycle). If you’re a supervisor, what small incentive can you give to your team to acknowledge their efforts? As an employee, what small incentive would you appreciate from your company/supervisor? (Hollywood Reporter)

Everyone has a strange food item they’ve eaten since childhood that others would find bizarre. For myself, it’s 1) liver and onions, and 2) clam dip (mixing a can of minced clams with a package of cream cheese, and eating it with ruffled potato chips – yum!). Some people may be absolutely revolted at the comfort foods I’ve eaten for decades, and I can understand their confusion and curiosity since I just recently learned about Koolickles – a popular Southern treat that consists of pickles that are soaked in Kool-aid. My immediate reaction was “What the what??” KEEN TAKEAWAY: Anything new when first introduced seems strange and bizarre, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an audience for it. And especially today with the internet, you can find an audience for pretty much anything. What interests or preferences do you have that others might initially find bizarre? What have you found initially strange? And did you ever try it? What did you think? (NowThisNews)

There’s no such thing as an overnight success story. Many celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs will tell you that their big break was decades-in-the-making. Which is why you may suddenly be hearing the name Michelle Wolf everywhere right now. The comedian gained a huge following after her White House Correspondent Dinner roast went viral. Many people have had mixed reactions to her speech, but Dave Chapelle made an excellent point: “I don’t know who those people think they are that she can’t say that to them, cause they offend people all the time.” KEEN TAKEAWAY: Speaking the truth can be difficult, especially in today’s climate. It’s not easy to say what needs to be said, but being honest and upfront is not the same as being callus and mean. Few of us will dare to say what others are thinking, but there is bravery – and admiration – in speaking the truth, especially face-to-face to those who prefer to perpetuate dangerous lies. (NPR)

I enjoy a nice cocktail at home, but there are times when I don’t want to pull together a handful of ingredients and use a jigger, I tend to instead open a bottle of wine and pat myself on the back. Well, that may now change because of instant cocktails called Margarita Mixers from Patron. Referred to as cocktail fizzers, these instant drinks look like bath bombs, but are edible. The simplicity of the product is very appealing, however one cocktail fizzer retails for $30 …. that’s a lot for one drink (in my opinion). I’ll continue to keep my eyes on this product and similar ones that may launch and will hopefully be more budget-friendly for my wallet. KEEN TAKEAWAY: Society’s favorite innovations are those are save us time and make tasks more convenient. Rent the Runway, StitchFix and Birchbox are great examples, because they made it easier for customers try products in the comfort of their own homes. What skill, task or project do you wish could be made more convenient? If you can think of a problem and a potential solution, it may be worth pursuing further as there are likely many others who would benefit as well. (Forbes)

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