Remarketing Yourself in the New Year

As 2017 came to a close, I asked a lot of friends if they had set any New Year’s resolutions. Many of them scoffed, noting that when they’ve tried in the past, they rarely stick, so why bother.

I was on the same page as them, even though I still set resolutions every year. Some – mostly in my career field – came to fruition because I actually set plans in place. Have mini goals I could work toward made the larger tasks seem doable. But the resolutions I set that failed were a different beast. Because they didn’t just involve setting goals, they required changing my habits.

For example, wanting to lose 20 pounds. Which means eating healthier, planning meals in advance so as not to consume extra calories, and working out. Like many people, these habits seem doable for the first two weeks, but many of use find ourselves falling back into our old patterns. I was off to a pretty good start, incorporating some yoga and even meditation in the morning before work. For those who know me, the biggest challenge for me on this specific habit is that I’m a night owl. Waking up early in the morning is one of the biggest challenges I’ve been trying to overcome for years. But this time, I’m actually holding myself accountable. I’m not someone who likes to quit or give up easily, so even writing this post is another way for me to be held accountable – by you.

Bascially, any resolutions you may have set for yourself is also an opportunity to remarket your “brand” in 2018. For me, plans to remarket myself include the below:

– Launch a successful side hustle
– Refind the joy in my day job
– Work out and meditate regularly
– Eat better (and definitely include more veggies and fruits in my meals)
– Get more sleep and wake up earlier
– Pay off second credit card
– Be in a happy – and respectful – relationship, leading to marriage

Some people might think my list is extremely doable, especially if they’ve already achieved some of my goals above. But everyone has their own hurdles to overcome. And for too long, I’ve been putting off things that will make me a happier, loving and more productive person. Here’s to a better and improved Kendra in 2018. I’m jut getting started!

Tell me below about your resolutions. Which ones are you keeping up with? And which have already fallen off to the side?

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